History of the Hall

The hall was given to the villages of Sedgehill and Semley by Lady Octavia Shaw Stewart (who was the daughter of Richard Grosvenor, the 2nd Marquess of Westminster) in 1906 and it has been used as a reading room and parish hall ever since.

In 1959 the hall was offered to the Parish Council, who declined to be responsible for it and after some discussion, it was decided to modernise the hall, adding proper toilet/kitchen facilities. The only known Trustee of the village hall at that time, Sir Gerald Grove, was unable to produce a formal trust deed for the property, preventing access to charitable funds to finance the improvements. The Reverend J H Wescott undertook to correct this situation, resulting in a trust deed being created and the village hall becoming a Registered Charity in 1960.

Architects Harrison and Stevens then drafted plans for the new kitchen and toilet extensions to the hall. Following successful grant applications to the Ministry of Education, Wiltshire County Council,  together with anonymous donations and a loan from Semley Football Club, the sum of £1,426 was raised to finance the work which was completed in 1963.