About the hall

The main hall measures approximately 12 metres x 6 metres, and has a maximum occupancy of 95 standing or 75 seated.

We have 12 long folding tables, each measuring 1830 x 760mm, and 10 smaller, square tables measuring 90cm x 90cm.

Our well-equipped kitchen has a cooker with oven, fridge, slimline dishwasher, glass washer, tea urn with large teapot, and kettle.

We have a matching white dinner service with 60 place settings, comprising dinner plates, side plates, bowls, cups and saucers, together with 60 sets of matching cutlery, wine glasses and tumblers.

Some suggested table layouts are shown below:

DSC_0999 (Small)           DSC_1038 (Small)   DSC_1009 (Small)           Meeting layout (Small)